Why UI/UX?
Having over a decade of photography and design experience, I wanted to move into a facet of design and creativity I hadn’t yet explored.  I marry my background in serving clients (also graphic design, album design, and commercial real estate marketing and research) with human-centered design to create intuitive and visually appealing solutions.  
I have experience in mobile app, web, and responsive design, as well as designing within a company's brand guidelines.
Collaboration over isolation
A creative and collaborative work environment is my jam but I can work independently as needed.  Collaborative problem solving is a key strength of mine.
I was a competitive swimmer.  We trained hard as a team but essentially each swimmer was responsible for their own race.  The absolute BEST part of a meet day…swimmers gathered at the end of a lane cheering on their teammates.  Each person has to do their part but a strong team is pure magic.
Iteration over ego
My design style can best be described as empathetic, iterative, and intuitive.  I design from the heart and can defend my designs but I'm never afraid to scrap an idea or design if it isn’t truly working.  When it comes to design critique, I set aside my ego and focus on the big picture. Ultimately, it's about the user.
Communication over confusion
I have been on many fast paced and deadline-driven projects over the years (especially in photography, design, and commercial real estate).  I am aware of the communication and organization it takes to be successful; clear communication can avoid a lot of stress and confusion.
I've had exposure to a very broad client base and have a lot of experience working with people of diverse backgrounds.
A little more about me: 
I strive for balance in my life and time outdoors truly recharges my soul.  I have an outgoing spirit but require downtime (reading or watching Ted Lasso).  I'm a creative at heart with analytical tendencies.  At the end of the day, I am eager to do interesting and exciting work I believe in.
I am open to contract, full time, part time, remote, and hybrid opportunities.  I'd be willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
To connect, please visit my contact page or email me directly.
A few things I love:
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